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16 Dec


Labuan is the federal territorial unit of Malaysia. Back in 1990, the authorities organized an International Offshore Financial Center on this island. Today, a lot of large successful companies register subsidiaries in Labuan. In this article you will get more information about trade company in Laboan.

If you want to register a trading company in Labuan, you can choose the appropriate tax system:

  • pay a tax of 3% on net profit;
  • pay a fixed amount of 5 thousand EUR per year.

Dividend tax – 0%. After registration, the company receives a tax number.

Confidentiality and governance structure

The register of enterprises in Labuan is closed. Information about the director and shareholders of a legal entity can be obtained only after an official request. Information about the beneficiary is an internal document of the company and is located at the registrar.


A legal entity must have at least one director and one shareholder. The citizenship of the director does not matter. It is possible to use a nominee service. Each company must have a local secretary.

Each year, the company must submit an Annua Report (the report must contain up-to-date information about the company, board of directors, shareholders, legal address).

Companies that have chosen to pay tax at a rate of 3% need to file an annual financial report. This report must be approved by the auditor. For other types of companies, it is not necessary to submit a financial report.

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