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UK Global Customs Tariff

22 May
UK Global Customs Tariff Advocate Cyprus Cyworld

UK Global Customs Tariff

UK Global Customs Tariff

It will replace the EU external tariff, while maintaining a 10% duty on agricultural products, including lamb, beef and poultry.

The British government said the new regime, known as the UK Global Tariff (UKGT), would be simpler and cheaper than the EU’s Single External Tariff (EU CET).

“Our new Global Tariff will benefit primarily British consumers and households. It will help reduce red tape and lower the cost of many consumer goods, ”said World Trade Minister Liz Truss.

In accordance with the new regime, duties on a wide range of goods will be canceled. Thus, 60% of all trade will not be subject to tariffs. However, the UK will retain 10% of the duty on a number of goods from the sectors of agriculture, fisheries and the automotive industry.

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