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Visitor visa in Cyprus (Pink Slip)

21 Aug
Visitor visa in Cyprus (Pink Slip) 1

Visitor visa in Cyprus (Pink Slip)

Visitor visa in Cyprus (Pink Slip)

The temporary residence permit in Cyprus “Visitor” (so-called Pink Slip) allows citizens of countries outside the European Union to obtain a residence card and reside in Cyprus. The right to work in the presence of such a visa is not provided.

A feature of this visa is that under the terms of the program it is mandatory to have sufficient savings and / or a stable income from abroad, sufficient to live on the island without the need for employment in Cyprus.

The residence permit is issued for 1 year with the right to extend. In addition to the main applicant, the status can be obtained by a spouse and children.

Requirements for obtaining a Visitor Visa (Pink Slip):

  • Minimum monthly income

Minimum monthly income:
from 2,000 € for the main applicant
+ 20% for the second spouse
+15% for each child

  • Having a bank account in Cyprus
  • Property in Cyprus

It is necessary to confirm the place of residence in Cyprus. It can be rented or purchased housing for any amount.

  • Certificates of non-conviction and health status

It is necessary to provide a certificate of no criminal record from the country of origin or permanent residence.

Benefits of a Visitor Visa (Pink Slip) in Cyprus:

  • You can reside in Cyprus 365 days a year.
  • A residence permit can also be obtained by a spouse and children.
  • It is not necessary to buy property in Cyprus.
  • There is no language proficiency requirement.
  • The opportunity to become a tax resident of Cyprus and legally optimize taxes, thanks to the low tax rates and tax benefits of the island.
  • After living in Cyprus for seven years, you will be able to apply for citizenship by naturalization.

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