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Investment company licenses

Investment company licenses

Our company provides clients with services to assist in obtaining the following licenses:

  • Cyprus Investment Company License from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).
  • Fund manager license (UCITC Management Company or AIFM), as well as a license for alternative investment funds (AIF) or UCITS from CySEC from other bodies of the European Union.
  • European Union investment company license from other EU bodies.
  • E-Money or payment company license from the Central Bank of Cyprus (or other EU authorities).
  • Banking license from the Central Bank of Cyprus (as well as other EU bodies).

Investment Enterprise Licensing

An investment enterprise licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is subject to Law 87 (I) / 2017, which deals with the provision of investment services, the conduct of investment activities, and the operation of regulated markets. After obtaining a license, the company can provide investment services through representative offices and branches in 30 EU countries through a single European Union passport.

The number of investment companies in the brokerage market is constantly increasing. Investors are becoming more interested in this sector, but at the same time, they are making more and more demands on investment companies.

Our company has now managed to register over 60% of Cyprus Investment Firms (CIFs) registered with MiFiD as a promoter or consultant, and to renew licenses for a number of existing CIFs.

Registration of electronic payments and money

In Cyprus, the activities of companies providing services for receiving and processing payments are controlled by the Law on the provision of access to payment systems and the use of payment services. The Electronic Money Law, which was in force from 2012 to 2018, has been reformed in accordance with the directives of the European Parliament.

Our company provides services for setting up and authorizing accounts in electronic payment systems, as well as obtaining licenses for individual entrepreneurs and EMIs to carry out business activities in the EU.

Our licensing services include:

  • Advising on the form of presentation of a financial group in Cyprus and in other EU countries.
  • Design and development of the structure of financial companies based on the needs of the client.
  • Preparation of an application file in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Business plan preparation.
  • Preparation of the required justification for the relevant EU regulatory authorities.
  • Completion of the relevant control documents.
  • Preparation of an individual operating manual for the company in the most efficient way and in accordance with the needs of the client, etc.

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