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Legal Opinion in Cyprus

This document, in fact, is a detailed consultation in writing that relates to a specific subject or field of activity of a client of a legal opinion. A legal opinion in Cyprus is the best way to confirm or challenge the facts regarding you or your company in this jurisdiction.

The preparation of this document is carried out only at the request of the client and solely in his interests. A legal opinion is issued only to one party to the transaction (issuance to both parties at the same time is not possible, since the document is aimed at ensuring the benefit of a particular person).

Legal Opinion in CyprusKey business areas in Cyprus requiring a legal opinion

Currently, the main direction for foreign investment in the economy of Cyprus is real estate. Due to the tourist attractiveness and favorable economic situation, the annual volume of investments from abroad is constantly increasing. But when buying any structure, it is likely that you will receive a building that does not meet the required safety parameters and building codes. And this, in turn, will lead to various fines and other sanctions by the regulatory authorities of Cyprus.

And it is precisely in order to reduce the risks when buying a particular property, foreign investors are urged to order a legal opinion. This operation will make it possible to understand whether the documents prepared by the other party to the transaction really correspond to the current state of affairs and the norms of international and local law.

We also want to emphasize that the legal opinion, in fact, is a supporting document of your company in front of other legal entities or individuals. Moreover, this legal opinion certifies the presence or absence of a right.

The specialists of our company offer you qualified assistance in preparing a legal opinion on transactions carried out in Cyprus (as well as in other countries of Europe and the world). With our help, you are guaranteed to avoid all risks and ensure the growth of your investment in the economy of Cyprus.

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