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Legal Opinion

Legal Opinion

In this article we will consider Legal Opinion as one of the most crucial documents for modern international business.

The goal of this documents is to provide professional advice on a specific issue in writing. A correctly drafted document will provide legal assistance to your business. In fact, a legal opinion certifies the presence or absence of certain facts.

Legal opinion is necessary in the following cases

  • establish whether the potential buyer has risks when buying real estate;
  • establish the presence or absence of permission to conduct activities or provide services.
  • establish the presence or absence of permission to trade with certain goods.
  • establish whether international and financial transactions between counterparties are legally binding.
  • confirm compliance with all legal procedures when issuing shares and securities, etc.

CYWORLD WEALTH lawyers are ready to provide assistance in the preparation of the following legal opinions

  • Legal Opinion for Crypto Exchange
  • Legal Opinion for Crypto Exchanger
  • Legal Opinion for Forex Brokers
  • Legal Opinion for Binary Options
  • Legal Opinion for Gambling
  • Legal Opinion for Cryptocurrency Transactions
  • Legal Opinion for Banks

CYWORLD WEALTH offers legal assistance in the following jurisdictions

CYWORLD WEALTH specialists will conduct an in-depth analysis of the contracts and services provided for compliance with all local and international laws. According to the result of such an analysis, no ambiguous conclusions, conjectures, and slips should be revealed. A professionally drawn up legal opinion should be formulated clearly and unambiguously with references to the norms of legislation.

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