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22 Aug

An account that is more reliable than at PayPal and faster than at a bank

At present, opening an account with foreign banks (personal and corporate) is an extremely difficult procedure. The laws of individual countries and international law are constantly being tightened, which is why banks are beginning to classify foreign customers as high risk. And some financial institutions to avoid problems with the law completely refuse to serve […]

16 Aug

Recommended Offshore Banking Jurisdictions 2019

The right choice of an offshore jurisdiction depends on how successful your business will be. We have prepared for you a list of the most profitable and effective options at the moment. Switzerland A distinctive feature of this jurisdiction is the maximum protection of confidential information about foreign holders of bank accounts and companies registered […]

15 Aug

Canada Changes AML Crypto Dealer Rules

The Canadian Department of the Treasury has developed new rules for crypto dealers. These amendments will enter into force in 2020 (summer). These innovations are mandatory for acquaintances for those entrepreneurs who are planning to register a cryptocurrency exchange in Canada in the future. In this article you will find answers to all your questions […]

08 Aug

A new regulatory regime for lending to crowdfunding P2P platforms in the UK

Recently, British legislation regarding crowdfunding platforms (based on investment or lending) has been amended. Therefore, if you plan to open a similar resource in the UK in the future, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with these amendments. What changes have been made? Basically, the application of marketing restrictions that extended to these resources was […]

24 Jul

Bank with European card acquiring and a subsidiary in Russia

We offer you to consider a very profitable option for the purchase – an excellent bank, which has European acquiring cards and Russian registration. This financial institution is a full MasterCard license holder, and a full member of the global SWIFT system. The headquarters of the bank is located in the European Union. One of […]

19 Jul

ECN trading platform in the USA

To achieve the maximum degree of development of any business, a large number of different factors are needed. But among all their most important is only one – the right choice of jurisdiction. If you want your business to bring the highest possible profit, while being guaranteed to be protected by the state, we recommend […]

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