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Bank with European card acquiring and a subsidiary in Russia

24 Jul

Bank with European card acquiring and a subsidiary in Russia

We offer you to consider a very profitable option for the purchase – an excellent bank, which has European acquiring cards and Russian registration. This financial institution is a full MasterCard license holder, and a full member of the global SWIFT system.

The headquarters of the bank is located in the European Union.

One of the distinguishing advantages of this option is the complete absence of sanctions. Therefore, by purchasing this bank, you are guaranteed to receive a fully functional facility, absolutely clean before the law.

The size of the current monthly turnover of the bank is $ 70,000,000. At the same time, the bank shows a regular increase in turnover.

The main activities of the bank are the following areas:

  • Implementation of risk free transactions on the territory of the Russian Federation (in the future, the bank plans to enter the European and world level).
  • The development of mobile and e-commerce.
  • Managing liquidity as well as financial resources.

The bank provides its clients with a full range of top quality financial services (issues all types of cards, processes payments, online wallets, etc.).

Our company successfully operates in all countries of the world. Weekly we add new jurisdiction to existing ones. Thanks to this, you can purchase a ready-made company in almost any country in the world (and on the best conditions for you).

Specialists of our company will provide you with full informational support for all options that interest you, prepare all the necessary documents and conduct a deal as soon as possible.

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