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Good Standing Certificate

26 Sep
Сертификат Good Standing

Good Standing Certificate

The topic of this article is to obtain a document such as a Good Standing Certificate. Its main goal is to certify the reliability and legal capacity of the company.

The document fixes the status of the enterprise at the date of issue of the document. The issuance of the certificate is carried out by the registrars of the respective country at any time.

Who needs this certificate?

Generally, this is useful needs for:

  • banks that require a document to open or extend a bank account;
  • partners that may request a document in order to confirm the legality of the company;
  • investors who are interested in buying shares in the company.

Good Standing Certificate certifies:

  • vigorous activity of the company;
  • legality of the company at the time of issuing the document;
  • payment of all state taxes and duties;
  • the presence of the company in the trade register of companies;

The Good Standing certificate is usually unlimited, however, registrars tend to indicate the duration of the document. Thus, a period of 1-2 years may be set depending on the country of registration of the company. Please note that registrars in some countries issue a Certificate for no more than three months.

We want to emphasize that the Certificate may have slightly different names in different jurisdictions. Specialists can translate this document as “certificate of company welfare”, “document of company’s reliability”, “certificate of good condition of the company”, etc.

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