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Issuance of EORI numbers for UK companies

16 Sep
Автоматическая выдача EORI номера для британских компаний

Issuance of EORI numbers for UK companies

The economic situation in the UK clearly requires our attention, as this directly has its own response to the particularities of registration and activities of the company in the UK. Such issue as the issuance of EORI numbers for UK companies will definitely interest both the entrepreneur and the future owner of the company in the UK.

This primarily concerns British companies that are registered as VAT payers. These companies are entitled to receive an EORI number automatically without additional charges. If the company does not have registration as a VAT payer, then it could be possible to get an EORI number only through general order, by submitting an application followed by payment for the service.

We would like to mention that the EORI number is a unique identification number that is attached to the company during registration in the Unified System of Registration and Identification of Entrepreneurs. The main objective of the EORI system is to simplify customs procedures for individuals and / or legal entities that carry out economic activities in the territory of the European Union or participate in customs operations. Access to this base is exclusively the customs authorities.

Each entrepreneur should pay attention that the issuance of EORI numbers for UK companies, regardless of the form of ownership, whose activities are directly related to the trade / transit of goods within the European Union. Thus, as soon as the UK ceases to be a member of the European Union, the presence of EORI numbers that will be the only way to trade with the UK.

This article provides general information on the specifics of companies in the UK. To obtain detailed information about the activities and/or registration of companies in the UK, contact the specialists of Cyworld Wealth Limited and we will be happy to help you!