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Malta Income Tax

19 Sep
Подоходный налог на Мальте

Malta Income Tax

In 2019, the Government of Malta approved new tax rates for the consolidated group of companies. The consequence of this regulatory act was the consolidation of the budget and tax spheres, which would allow parent companies to become the sole taxpayer without taxing direct / indirect subsidiaries. These amendments to the Rules, which allow for a consolidated tax return on income tax, are effective from 2020. It should be noted that Malta Income Tax is not mandatory and does not entail legal liability for not filing with the fiscal authorities.

How is a tax unit formed?

The meeting of the parent company forms a fiscal unit and combines the income of corporate structures. The structural elements of this tax unit are the parent company as the “main taxpayer” and its direct/indirect subsidiaries.

However, a company that is already a part of a single fiscal unit cannot be part of another tax unit.

Conditions for the formation of a tax unit

  • A minimum of 95 percent of the votes in the subsidiary are held by the parent company;
  • At least 95% of its profits are distributed by the parent company;
  • A minimum of 95% of any assets in subsidiaries will be distributed by the parent company.

Please note that if the subsidiary is itself a holding company, then subsidiaries in which the company has at least 95% of the rights to profit mentioned above also fall under the same fiscal unity.

Companies that are not residents of Malta may also be part of tax unity, however, provided that the parent company (main taxpayer) is registered in Malta.

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