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Updated self-service system in Estonia e-MTA

18 Sep
Обновленная система самообслуживания в Эстонии e-MTA

Updated self-service system in Estonia e-MTA

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board (hereinafter – ETCB) launched on the 3rd day of September 2019 an updated e-MTA self-service system. This innovation was dictated by the need to optimize this platform. E-MTA is an environment where business owners can freely and without much preparation fulfill their customs and tax obligations. Now the Estonian government is introducing a modern design and more convenient site structure for users. Moreover, the updated self-service system in Estonia allows ETCB to quickly make changes and updates to the e-MTA, which simplifies further development based on user feedback.

Features of the E-MTA interface:

  • Main interface: a general overview of declarations, requirements, prepaid accounts, depending on the rights granted to the user;
  • Review of the represented person: viewing of a specific individual and/or legal entity and information about him.
  • Menu: the location of the main menu in the left edge of the screen;
  • Support center: operational assistance and communication through a web-based conversation.
  • Communication and delivery of documents on hand: the user has the opportunity to receive notifications, certificates, documents in the original from the Tax and Customs Board.
  • Accounting: view the balance status of various requirements, the balance of the prepayment account
  • The main interface and the customs desktop: an overview of all customs declarations, all types of customs services, as well as services related to the import and export of goods.
  • The main interface and the desktop of taxes– the overview of tax returns: an overview of all tax returns, all services related to the occurrence or fulfillment of tax obligations are collected here.

Thus, we can observe how the Estonian government is moving towards entrepreneurs so that they feel comfortable running their business in the country. Updated self-service system in Estonia e-MTA is a brilliant example of a business-oriented state.

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