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Why you should start business in Saint Vincent

04 Nov
Why you should start business in Saint Vincent

Why you should start business in Saint Vincent

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a fairly small jurisdiction. The state got its name because of its location. The capital is Kingstown – one of the offshore centers of the Caribbean. The main activity of the country is tourism. Let’s see why you should start business in Saint Vincent.

Of course, loyal taxation, quick registration and data protection are the main advantages that attract those who want to open an offshore or company. Offshore registration allows you not to submit financial reports, and also not to pay taxes, which is a clear advantage.

Key Benefits of Registering a Company in Saint Vincent

  • An opportunity not to pay tax payments;
  • The price for maintaining a business is low;
  • The name of the organization may apply the values ​​that are used when registering a business in some other countries;
  • The state supports the development of the company;
  • The country is a member of the international maritime convention.
  • Offshore companies in this country are registered primarily to invest and reduce the tax burden.
    Features of company registration

The most popular form of offshore business is a business company. Moreover, offshore banks have the right to operate here. This requires a special license. There are different permission options that allow you to serve exclusively non-residents or an established group of clients.

A bank that operates in the country must have at least one representative office in the jurisdiction. In St. Nevis, ships and trust companies are successfully registered, registration of insurance companies is relevant.

There are some features of registration. There are no requirements for the citizenship of the founders; in total, at least one shareholder and director are required. The organization must have a registered office in the jurisdiction, you must have a registered agent.

The name of the company must be unique. Information about directors and shareholders is confidential. When creating a company, you need to pay a fee once.

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