Финансово-консалтинговая компания CYWORLD WEALTH

Office management


Office management services

We offer our clients the services, which satisfy their needs.

We offer the services of an office management for the clients who have to maintain a business in Cyprus, yet, who don’t have a possibility to do that in person or to hire a staff for those needs.

All the office service usually includes a “temporary administration”.

Now, with our help, you’re able to organize an office in Cyprus. You may rent an office and use the administrator’s services, which will fulfill your expectations completely.

Office management in Cyprus includes:

  • Half– or fully furnished office, which is located 3 minutes away from the center of the city Lefkosia in a business district.
  • Managing administrator.
  • Reception and automatic answering machine if requested.
  • Personal telephone number exclusively for working needs.
  • Mail and forwarding based on the instructions.
  • Heating system, air conditioning, lighting, and electricity.
  • Common expenses, maintenance, and cleaning.
  • Real estate tax.

Additional services

  • IT support service
  • General support and help
  • Sightseeing and hotel services
  • Meetings, receptions, dinners organization
  • Temporary secretary services
  • Photocopying/scanning
  • E-mail/fax
  • Conference halls with projectors
  • Translation
  • Courier or postal services