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Official Liquidation of Companies

Official liquidation of companies

The extensive partner network of our company abroad allows us to provide for the clients of CYWORLD WEALTH legal services on closing a business abroad, liquidation companies and support bankruptcy procedures both by agents and our own lawyers around the world. Official liquidation of companies is quite popular procedure abroad. Lawyers and partners of our company are ready to provide you legal assistance in company liquidation worldwide.

Business liquidation services abroad

  • Legal advice on the liquidation, closing of a business and supporting bankruptcy procedures of companies abroad;
  • Closing a business abroad;
  • Support bankruptcy of companies abroad;
  • Re-registration of a business abroad and re-registration of corporate rights;
  • Change of the director of the company abroad, removal from the founders of the company;
  • Development of an action plan for the liquidation, restructuring and reorganization of business abroad;
  • Preparation, development and legalization of documents necessary for the liquidation of companies abroad and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Disposal of company assets and return on investment in a foreign company;
  • Translation of company documents for liquidation and closure of companies abroad;
  • Conducting a legal, financial and accounting audit of the company being liquidated abroad;
  • Services of an arbitration manager in the process of bankruptcy and liquidation of a company abroad and others.

In some cases, companies or owners of companies abroad have the need for full legal support and qualified legal assistance in closing and liquidating a business abroad and supporting bankruptcy of companies in order to minimize financial risks and losses, as well as in the absence of further development prospects or the profitability of an existing business.

Our specialists – partners, lawyers, lawyers, auditors and accountants provide a wide range of legal services for the official liquidation of companies abroad and will be happy to assist you in the following services:

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