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Opening a bank account in Canada

Opening a bank account in Canada.

How to secure private or corporate capital? The best way to achieve this goal is to choose a safe and reliable banking institution that can provide the maximum degree of protection for deposits of both residents and non-residents. But the functionality of a financial institution is far from all. Also, to maximize this indicator, the following parameters are required: Effective, competent, and, most importantly, working legislation in force. Stable national currency of the country in which the selected bank is registered. Stable political environment (both domestically and internationally) Ensuring the protection of bank deposits from the state (applicable both to residents and non-residents). The full combination of all the above factors creates ideal conditions storage for both private and corporate capital. And now there are a number of countries that fully (or almost completely) correspond to the above parameters. Canada is one of them. Canada is currently one of the most attractive countries for immigration. A favorable political environment, a strong economy and a neighborhood with the United States make this country an extremely profitable place not only for life, but also for doing business. And in both cases, a citizen will necessarily require a bank account. But how to open it to a non-resident? This will require preparing and submitting to the relevant authorities a certain set of documents. A list of documents required for registering a bank account in Canada for non-residents For registering an account with a Canadian bank, a foreign citizen must provide the following information to regulatory authorities: Passport details of a valid passport residence in Canada (you can also use an immigration document). As an immigration document you can use: obtaining a temporary residence permit in Canada. Employment permit certificate in Canada (for example, a work visa). Study permit. It should be remembered that each financial institution has its own list of documents required for registration, and the requirements may have certain differences . And in order to avoid loss of time and related consequences, the applicant is recommended to discuss this aspect with representatives of the bank in advance. It should also be noted that before visiting Canada, one of the above mentioned immigration documents is required. Without them, you will not be allowed on the territory of this country. Can I open a bank account without visiting Canada? This possibility is provided by Canadian law. For this, a non-resident will be required to submit an application for registering an account with the selected bank. This operation can be performed by contacting the institution via e-mail, telephone or in the bank chat. The bank representative needs to clarify the status of the immigrant (are you a permanent resident of Canada, or do you have a working or study visa, etc.). After checking the submitted information, a few days later, the applicant will be contacted by the staff of the invoice registration department. If the documents are in order, the applicant will receive approval. Lawyers of our company will provide you with qualified assistance in the preparation of documents, during negotiations with representatives of the selected bank and will provide full support and support at all stages of registration. For more advice, contact us at the contacts listed on the site.