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Opening a bank account in Liechtenstein

Opening a bank account in Liechtenstein

Currently, Liechtenstein banks have different requirements for foreign customers who wish to register an account (which may vary significantly depending on the financial institution chosen).

What documents are required to register a bank account for an individual?

Regardless of the financial institution chosen, an individual will need the following documents to register an account:

  • Internal passport.
  • International passport.
  • A document that can confirm permanent residence. This may be a receipt for payment of utilities for the last 90 days.

What documents do corporate clients need?

  • Certificate confirming the registration of the company.
  • Certificate containing information about the state of the enterprise. This document is necessary only if more than six months have passed since the company was registered.
  • Director’s passport (or documents of all company executives, if there are several of them).
  • A document confirming the presence of income from the company.
  • A document that contains detailed information about the scope of the company.
  • A document with information about all the founders of the enterprise.

For more detailed information on the list of required documents and requirements of the bank that interests you, please contact us at the contacts listed on the site.