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Opening a bank account in Luxembourg

Opening a bank account in Luxembourg

How to keep personal or corporate finance safe? How to prevent their depreciation at jumps in exchange rates? How to get the opportunity to use the maximum amount of financial operations to control and manage bank accounts? The answer is obvious – you need to start opening a bank account in Luxembourg!

Opening a bank account in LuxembourgThe benefits of registering a bank account in Luxembourg

  • For many years, the Luxembourg banking system has been recognized as one of the most reliable and secure in the world. Thanks to the constant introduction of the latest security algorithms in the Internet banking system, the possibility of hacking and remote access to your deposits by fraudsters is almost equal to zero.
  • Local financial institutions strictly follow bank secrecy rules. When you register an account with one of the local banks, you are guaranteed complete protection of your confidential data and data of your company.
  • The banks of Luxembourg provide for the possibility of opening accounts of all currently known types (savings, settlement, etc.).
  • Local bank staff provide customer support in many common world languages. For residents of the CIS countries, a big advantage of the Luxembourg banking system is the presence of Russian-speaking staff in each financial institution.
  • Depositors can remotely manage their accounts using a secure, secure and convenient application.
  • The multifunctionality of the program allows you to perform all the required financial transactions.
  • Many local banks for account registration do not require the personal presence of the depositor in the branch (but this does not apply to all financial institutions). To open a deposit, you only need a personal visit by the beneficiary of the company to the department. Also in some banks the possibility of departure of his representative at the address specified by the client.
  • Investors can keep deposits in many currencies. According to recent studies, the most common currency for deposits in Luxembourg banks are the US dollar and the euro. Thanks to this, you protect your (or corporate) savings from currency fluctuations and the concomitant depreciation of money.

Opening a bank account in LuxembourgLawyers of Cyworld Wealth Limited – this is a qualified assistance in opening accounts in banks of Luxembourg (as well as the rest of the world)

Our experts will undertake all bureaucratic processes, negotiations with representatives of banks, prepare all necessary documents in accordance with the requirements of the selected financial institution and provide the client with full support. If you have additional questions – our experts will provide you with all the necessary advice.

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