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Opening a bank account in New Zealand

Opening a bank account in New Zealand.

For an entrepreneur and a private individual, preserving their own assets and capital is a top priority, and not only their own welfare of the financial owner, but also the successful development of the enterprise directly depend on ensuring it. Therefore, the choice of the right financial institution and optimal jurisdiction are the priority measures that will serve to achieve this goal. At present, not the most favorable economic and political situation has developed for the citizens of our country. And the crisis that has arisen in the areas described above has led to the fact that an increasing number of entrepreneurs and individuals are inclined to keep their capital in foreign banks. And, as practice shows, this decision is correct in most cases. But where is it more profitable to open a bank account? Today in the world there are many different offshore zones that offer investors non-residents a number of very beneficial benefits. But, unfortunately, most of them are on the international blacklist, which is why registering an account with banks in such countries can cause its owner very tangible problems with many jurisdictions that practice the careful verification of the origin of foreign investor capital when trying to invest in their the economy. To avoid such negative situations, it is recommended to stop your choice on the so-called “white” offshore zones. These entities include New Zealand. Short information about the New Zealand banking segment, features and benefits of registering a bank account with local financial institutions.

Currently, the New Zealand banking sector is represented by 23 registered financial institutions (it should be noted that total assets of 90% of the total quantities are owned by foreign banks, most of which are owned by Australia). What are the advantages of the local banking system? Local financial institutions provide investors with the following advantages: Simplicity of the banking sector structure. Providing clients with a full range of financial services (providing loans to individuals, businesses, opening deposit accounts, etc.). Low cost of servicing non-resident accounts. High level of client privacy protection. However, it should be noted that the bankswill not hide the information they are interested in from the controlling authorities and will provide them with the necessary information on the judicial decision. High level of service. The advantages of registering accounts in New Zealand depreciation and other negative consequences. Loyal attitude of the state to foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Important! Most financial institutions for account registration require the client to be personally present when conducting this transaction. If a non-resident does not currently have such a possibility, then in some cases there is an option to remotely register an account. But at the same time, the registration period and the complexity of this procedure will significantly increase. Our company’s lawyersoffer qualified services for opening accounts in banks of all countries of the world. With our help, this procedure will take place in the shortest possibletime. We guarantee our clients full support and support at all stages of registration, preparation of papers in full compliance with the legislation of the selected country and advice on all issues of interest.