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Opening a bank account in Slovenia

Opening a bank account in Slovenia

Opening a bank account in Slovenia is not only prestigious, but also reasonable. Storage of deposits in the countries of the West is the safest way to secure the future (both for an individual and a business entity). Due to the special political relations between the EU member states, having an account in a European bank opens up a number of advantages for its owner:

  • Access to the full range of financial services offered by the modern banking system.
  • Ensuring maximum protection of deposits from access by unauthorized persons, as well as their depreciation during currency fluctuations (due to the possibility of keeping funds in dollars and euros).

But which country to choose to store private or corporate deposits? Today we will look at Slovenia and find out what advantages the local banking system provides to the client and what obstacles await a foreign investor when registering an account with local financial institutions.

Opening a bank account in SloveniaThe advantages of opening a bank account in Slovenia

  • Reliability and security of the local banking system. According to recent studies, the smallest number of hacker attacks on bank accounts in all of Europe is registered in Slovenia. At the same time, banks provide maximum protection of deposits against access by third parties.
  • Stable national economy and political environment. Slovenia demonstrates regular GDP growth and general economic progress, which contributes to the strengthening of national wealth and, as a result, the development of the banking segment.
  • Excellent customer service that meets international quality standards.
  • Prompt processing of incoming requests and carrying out financial transactions with minimal time.
  • Access to the full package of financial services.
  • Ability to store in euros and US dollars. This contributes to the protection of deposits from depreciation during currency fluctuations.

Certain details of opening a bank account in Slovenia

Unlike many European countries, in order to open a bank account in Slovenia, an investor first of all needs to register a business object (company) in this country. Only after receiving a Slovenian TIN and opening a business, an investor is allowed to enter the depositary registration procedure DC.

Cyworld Wealth Limited’s lawyers will take care of account registration and related operations. We will provide you with full support at all stages of the procedure, prepare a package of necessary documents and go through all the bureaucratic processes for you.

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