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Opening a bank account in Switzerland

Opening a bank account in Switzerland

Opening a bank account in Switzerland

How to maximally secure your funds, while gaining the possibility of secure remote control over them?If you want to choose the right place for their storage – the opening a bank account in Switzerland is the best choice for you.

Currently, the Swiss banking system is the most perfect in the world financial services market. And if you are not convinced even by the status of the world financial leader – read the following advantages of the Swiss banking system.

Advantages of the Swiss banking system

  • Swiss banks are extremely flexible instruments, the use of which greatly facilitates the conduct of business activities and financial transactions around the world.
  • The Swiss economic environment is one of the most stable in the world. This is facilitated by a high level of welfare and purchasing power of citizens of this country, investment attractiveness and flexible financial legislation, which greatly simplifies the conduct of local business and the functioning of financial institutions.
  • The highest level of quality of service for banking clients (both Swiss citizens and residents of the rest of the world, of any of its countries).
  • The full protection of deposits is guaranteed by the state apparatus and current legislation.
  • All deposits (regardless of the citizenship of their owners) are covered by absolute bank secrecy. All personal information of depositors is guaranteed full confidentiality.
  • The minimum time for opening an account. To perform this operation (regardless of the selected Swiss bank) it will take about 7-10 days.
  • All requests are processed with minimal time.
  • Possibility of remote control of deposits by using reliable, convenient banking applications (or through the official website of a financial institution).
  • Full range of banking services.
  • The minimum commission.

Cyworld Wealth Limited – qualified assistance in opening an account with any Swiss bank!
Our company is a long-term experience of successful transactions between depositors and banks from around the world. We offer our customers the following:

  • Full support at all stages of the transaction.
  • Operative collection of documentation required to open an account (on average, the time taken from 7 to 14 days).
  • Consultations from leading experts of the company.

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