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Opening an offshore account

Opening an offshore account is an excellent solution for the safe storage of your assets. Of course, opening such an account will require some effort, but it will provide you with a sense of security, safety and confidence.

In order to open an offshore account, you must comply with the requirements and policies of the bank. The bank  has the right to choose which businesses it will cooperate with. They will take into account your capabilities as well as your residency.

The main advantages of an offshore account

  • High confidentiality. With some countries (offshore), there are still no agreements on the exchange of information at the level of government bodies.
  • Less exposure to economic risks.
  • Simplified offshore account opening. The procedure for opening an account and further work with the bank, in some cases, is slightly simpler than working with other popular jurisdictions.

Cyworld Wealth is ready to offer assistance in opening an account in the following jurisdictions

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