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Opening Bank Account in Cyprus

Opening Bank Account in Cyprus

Cyprus is rightfully considered to be one of the most secure and reliable places for a person’s or an entity’s deposit storage. Even the 2014 year crisis didn’t affect negatively on Cyprus popularity among foreign investors, though that the incident did dent state’s economy noticeably.

At the present day, Cyprus has already restored the erstwhile economic performances, which additionally increased investment attract from abroad. Thus, the question occurs – what’s the secret of the popularity of the local banking system among foreign depositors?

Opening Bank Account in CyprusAdvantages Of The Cyprus Banking System

  • Safety and reliability. According to the statistics, Cyprus local financial establishments take top places on the worldwide market of banking services.
  • A guarantee of banking secrecy. All the investors receive the protection of their confidential data according to the local financial institutions’ policy.
  • Fast account registration. In most cases, to pass the full registration procedure only 1 month is required.
  • Banks place reasonable customer requirements.
  • Adequate sizes of the down payment for the account opening.
  • An absence of the mandatory requirements for the minimum balance on the account.
  • High services quality in local banks corresponds to the international quality standards, and almost meets or exceeds the level of the best Swiss financial establishments.
  • Investors are able to remotely control their accounts through the secure, convenient applications.
  • Thanks to the possibility to store money in any existing currency, your deposit will be protected from the stock exchange fluctuations and the accompanying depreciation.
  • Local banks pursue a completely transparent policy, which is aimed at the maximum protection of clients’ assets, as well as at the simplification of all the financial operations, which are connected to the deposits.
  • Minimum terms of inquiry processing and financial operations arranging.

What is needed for the account opening in Cyprus bank?

  • Multiple copies of your international passport.
  • Certificate of the applicant’s actual physical address.
  • Signed application with the specified deposit type for the account’s registration in a chosen bank.
  • Letter, which contains your recommendations from the banking facility – your previous service provider.

Cyworld Wealth Limited specialists will gladly provide you with the highly-qualified help in a documents drafting, as well as will take all the bureaucratic processes and assure that you’ll be having a full maintenance during all the phases of the account registration.

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