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Registration of an offshore company in Curaçao

Currently, Curacao is an autonomous territory with its own government, which is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago.

Today, Curacao is becoming increasingly popular with foreign investors and businessmen. This territory offers extremely favorable conditions for the registration of companies by non-residents, favorable tax policy and a favorable investment climate.

The main areas of the island’s economy are:

  • Provision of financial services.
  • Trade oil refining.

Why is it profitable to register companies in Curacao?

  • No capital gains taxation.
  • Dividends are not taxable.
  • Probability of no income taxation (for example, royalties, dividends and interest).
  • Private companies with limited liability may in some cases gain access to exempted status.
  • Currency control is absent.
  • Repatriation of funds is not limited.

What are the features of doing business in this jurisdiction?

The ability to transform a company with a local registration in any corporate forms (foreign or local). Transformed companies can take part in the division, merger and other similar processes.

  • Minotar shareholders are guaranteed a high degree of protection of their rights.
  • Shareholders have the right to manage private limited companies (as is done in the USA).
  • The island has signed double tax treaties with a number of countries.
  • Ukrainian legislation does not include Curaçao as offshore zones.
  • This country has signed nearly 100 bilateral agreements guaranteeing investment protection.
  • No need to appoint secretaries (but the company reserves the right to conduct this procedure).

How to register a company in Curacao?

To do this, you will need to go through a number of specific procedures: First, you need to prepare a list of potential names for your company, and submit it to the appropriate authorities in Curacao for approval.

The second stage will be the preparation of documents for the following officials and participants of the company:

  • Beneficiary (actual owner).

This package consists of the following documents:

  • Identity card (for example, any passport – foreign or national, or driver’s license).
  • A certificate confirming the specified address of permanent residence (copy of registration, bill for utilities).
  • Founding documents (copies). Needed in cases where directors or shareholders are legal entities.

At the last stage, it is necessary to submit a document, which will contain detailed information and what kind of activity your company will carry out, and in which regions it will provide its services or goods.

Our specialists will provide you with qualified assistance in registering a company in Curacao (as well as in any other country in the world that is on our constantly growing list). We will provide you with full support (we will undertake the preparation of the package of documents necessary for company registration, we will conduct all negotiations with representatives of local authorities, etc.). With our help, you can register a company in Curacao as quickly and easily as possible.

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