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Registration of companies in Latvia

Registration of companies in Latvia

Why is Latvia beneficial for registering your business?

  • There is no currency control in the country.
  • In Latvia, there are rules aimed at regulating transfer pricing and insufficient capitalization.
  • The country has a clear control over the companies whose beneficiaries are foreign citizens. This ensures full compliance with the law and transparency of the business.

Today, Latvia offers many types of companies for registration. But the most common forms of business are:

  • Limited liability company.
  • Joint-stock company.

Registration of a limited liability company

What are the advantages of registering a limited liability company in Latvia?

  • The division of share capital into shares. Responsibility of participants is limited by the size of their contributions.
  • To register a company in Latvia, you do not need to personally visit this country. To do this, you can use the services of an intermediary (for example, a law firm).
  • The director must not be a resident.

What mandatory requirements must be met when registering a limited liability company?

  • For the company name it is allowed to use only the Latin or Latvian alphabet. In the name of the company is prohibited to use the name of the country. Also in the title should be indicated the legal form of the enterprise.
  • Be sure to register the legal address of the company.

Registration of a joint stock company

Resident and non-resident (legal or natural person) has the right to register this form of company.

Features of joint-stock company in Latvia:

  • The minimum share capital of a joint stock company must be at least 35,000 euros. This amount is divided into shares, which after registration of the company are issued for free circulation on the securities market. Share capital must be paid within 12 months from the date of opening of the company.
  • The state allows you to freely issue registered securities. The company also has the right to issue bearer shares (the only restriction concerns the need to register these securities with a specialized depositary).
  • The company is governed by a board of shareholders or a meeting of directors.

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