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Registration of companies in Singapore

For the most effective entry into the Asian market and business development, there is no better option than registering a company in Singapore. Currently, Singapore is one of the most stable and dynamically developing economies in the world. In conjunction with effective legislation to promote business development and improve the investment climate, Singapore is an extremely profitable choice for opening a business.


Key Aspects of Company Registration in Singapore

Registration of offshore enterprises is possible only if the legal address of the company is located in Singapore, and the company interacts exclusively with the target group of consumers abroad.

The basis for the opening of companies in this country is the Companies Act.

When registering companies do not have strict requirements for the size of the authorized capital. According to the provisions of the current legislation, its size should not be less than 1 dollar. But in order to avoid obstacles when registering accounts with local banks, it is recommended to set it in the amount of thousands of dollars.

The current legislation of Singapore allows the use of registered securities. Bearer shares (as well as without a nominal declaration) are not allowed to circulate.

Foreign owners of companies can use the property management transfer services to nominee directors or to shareholders (with the preparation of appropriate agreements to ensure the protection of both parties to the trust agreement). This option is especially beneficial to those business owners (or investors) who wish to protect confidential information from third parties.

Singapore law does not impose special requirements on the storage of documents on the establishment of the company or on the meetings of the founders.

Documents required for opening a company in Singapore

Individuals must provide passport information and a certificate confirming the applicant’s permanent residence.

Legal entities must provide passport details of all actual owners of the enterprise, shareholders, as well as other persons participating in the structure of the legal entity.

Due to the complexity of Singapore’s law, it is extremely difficult to independently register an offshore company in the territory of this country. To simplify this task, it is recommended to seek help from professionals.


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