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Registration of company in Slovenia

Currently, you can create a successful business in almost any country in the world. Thanks to the development of information technologies and the general technological progress, a company incorporation has become available to a much larger number of people than just 20 years ago. But, in spite of the above mentioned aspects, in order to develop an enterprise to the scale of a real international company that has a high reputation and prestige, in most cases registration of an entrepreneurial activity abroad (in particular, in the countries of the European Union) is required. Now the registration of company in Slovenia is here to help us.

Registration of company in Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the most profitable, affordable and effective options for domestic entrepreneurs. Thanks to EU membership, companies registered on its territory have a greater level of trust from foreign firms than enterprises registered in our country. But what other aspects make Slovenia an excellent place to register a company?


Advantages of registration of an entrepreneurial activity in Slovenia

  • The local economic system is quite stable (due to the country’s membership in the EU).
  • By using the euro as its main currency, the company’s assets will be protected from fluctuations in the exchange rate and other negative consequences of this phenomenon.
  • Slovenian banks in terms of quality of service, reliability and security occupy quite high positions in the international rating of financial institutions. We also reccomend you to open a bank account as well.
  • When registering a company in Slovenia, foreign citizens have the opportunity to significantly simplify the receipt of residence permits (both for business owners and their family members).
  • European companies have a much higher status and prestige than domestic companies. This has a positive effect on the international image of the enterprise and contributes to its rapid development.
  • Affordable cost of registration. On average, the tariffs for this procedure range from 7 to 15 thousand euros.
  • The state provides protection to business and in all ways contributes to the development of entrepreneurial business of any scale.

Cyworld Wealth Limited is the best assistant in registration of company in Slovenia (and also in all other countries of the world)

Experts of our company offer qualified assistance to clients on opening a business abroad. We will prepare a package of necessary documents in the shortest possible time (7-14 days), provide the client with full support at all stages of registration and provide all the required consultations. Transfer bureaucratic care to the shoulders of our lawyers, and become a business owner in Slovenia with minimal costs!