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Registration of company in Portugal

Registration of company in Portugal

Registration of company in Portugal

Stable economic environment, favorable legislation, low tax rates – all these aspects are key for effective business and development of entrepreneurial activity in the country. But not every state provides entrepreneurs with all of the above factors, thereby making doing business in the homeland extremely difficult (and in some cases – economically unprofitable enterprise). That is why many entrepreneurs find the only true solution to this problem – registration of company in Portugal.


Benefits of registering companies in Portugal

Why is Portugal such a profitable country for registration of the object of entrepreneurial activity by non-residents? The answer lies in the large number of advantages that the given state grants to foreign (and local) businessmen. Among the most significant advantages are the following factors:

  • According to the results of the studies carried out in the international rating of Doing Business, Portugal is included in the TOP 25 countries of the world for favorable business conditions. The state creates all the necessary conditions for the creation of new companies and the development of existing ones.
  • Low tax rates.
  • The government encourages foreign investment, which has a very favorable effect on the country’s economy, the level of welfare and purchasing power of the local population.
  • Thanks to the introduction of the On The Spot Firm, the registration deadlines declined from a few weeks to a record 1 hour 14 minutes. The whole procedure is carried out in one office, and consists in filling in a single form. Thanks to this innovation, more than half of local companies are registered under this scheme, thereby saving more than a million dollars annually.
  • High quality of service, reliability and security of the local banking system.

Cyworld Wealth Limited lawyers are the best choice to register a company in Portugal (and any other country in the world)

What are the advantages of the client in cooperation with our agency?

  • Assistance of leading experts in the field of international law and financial legislation.
  • Operative passage of all stages of company registration.
  • Full customer support during the procedure.
  • Collection and preparation of required documents in accordance with applicable Portuguese law.
  • Confidential consultations on issues of interest.