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Registration of the company in Nevis

Registration of the company in Nevis in Liechtenstein with the opening of a bank account

Currently, there is an aggressive de-offshore policy in the world. Many countries included in the list of offshore zones are now included in the black list of the European Union, therefore many offshore companies have problems with opening bank accounts.

In this regard, many offshore zones began to adapt to changes in international financial legislation, but not abandoning the principles of their financial policies. One of these places is the island of Nevis, which fully accepted the requirements of the European Union. But at the same time, businessmen from all over the world are provided with one of the best conditions for doing business with full minimization of the likelihood of any problems in doing business in the EU.

What documents are required to register a company in Nevis?

  • A notarized copy of an identity card (passport or any other similar document).
  • Confirmation of the residential address indicated by the applicant (for example, a bank statement or a copy of the utility bill, which should not be issued more than 90 days ago, etc.).

You must also provide two types of forms (fully completed and signed):

  • Order form
  • Due diligence.

For more information on how to register a company in Nevis and open a bank account, please contact our managers using the contacts listed on the website.