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Residence permit in Greece due to investments

Residence permit in Greece due to investments

Thanks to the new amendments to the migration legislation of Greece, starting in the summer of 2019, foreign investors will be able to obtain a residence permit by investing at least 400,000 euros in the Greek economy.

What are the most profitable investment areas?

Currently, the most profitable investment sectors are:

  • The property. This sector of the Greek economy is still extremely beneficial for investment. Real estate in Greece is constantly becoming more expensive, and the annual tourist flow is regularly increasing. Thanks to these two factors, the profit from investment in residential real estate (especially located on the coast) is enormous.
  • Securities (stocks and bonds). You can invest in securities of private or public companies and funds. But there is one important detail. According to Greek law, two categories of people have the right to invest in securities: individuals or legal entities registered in Greece, which belong to a foreign citizen applying for a residence permit.

For more information on obtaining a residence permit in Greece through investments, stages of the procedure, various nuances and other aspects of this procedure, please contact our contact managers listed on the website.