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Residence permit in Portugal

Residence permit in Portugal for the whole family

Due to the stability of the economy, low crime, location and climate, Portugal is currently one of the most attractive countries for immigration. For wealthy foreigners, the Portuguese government has developed a profitable program for obtaining a residence permit through investments.

One of the features of this program is the fact that not only the main applicant (investor), but also all members of his family (wife, children under the age of majority, as well as family members who are not older than 26 years) can apply for an application. residence permit in Portugal. years that are on the content).

For such cases, the Portuguese government has developed a Golden Visa program, under which a foreign citizen can obtain a residence permit for himself and his family to invest in the Portuguese economy at least 1000000 euros. If the main applicant has grown children, the law obliges them to submit documents confirming the fact of their enrollment in one of the higher educational institutions of the European Union.

In addition to investing in the country’s economy, you can also get a residence permit when you buy a property in the amount of 500000 euros or more. Acquired property can be leased, but for 5 years from the date of purchase its sale is prohibited.

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