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Sale of ready-made companies

Sale of ready-made companies

A complete list of companies that can be bought is posted on the telegram of our company. This list is updated regularly. But if among the specified companies you did not find the option you are interested in, contact us. Based on the criteria you specify, we will select the most suitable option for you.

If you want to significantly simplify the conduct of international business, you should think about acquiring companies with foreign registration. What advantages does it give?

  • The presence of a company with a foreign registration significantly improves your rating against the background of competitors.
  • Simplified access to financial markets in other countries.
  • More profitable cooperation with foreign partners.
  • More loyalty to your company from foreign partners.
  • Simplified international business management.

We sell companies with an account in the following countries:

  • Bulgaria.
  • Poland.
  • United Arab Emirates.

List of commercial organizations that you can buy from us

  • Offshore company.
  • Low tax company. Such enterprises have a higher status compared to conventional offshore companies. The presence of tax incentives that extend to such firms, greatly simplifies the conduct of international business. The most profitable ways to raise capital are dividends, bank interest, royalties. Also, such companies are not subject to double taxation if the owner is a citizen of another country. You can also optimize taxation by registering a subsidiary. The last advantage of companies with low taxation is profitable cooperation with offshore enterprises (the only condition is the need for a permit for services of a nominal nature for making payments).
  • Acquisition of a foreign enterprise guarantees an increase in your company’s reputation among partners and customers.

List of low tax countries

  • Cyprus.
  • Singapore.
  • Malta.
  • Liechtenstein.
  • China (Hong Kong).

Prestigious Jurisdictions

  • European Union.
  • United States.
  • Canada.
  • Australia.

Our company’s specialists will provide you with qualified assistance in choosing the most optimal foreign company and choosing the most profitable jurisdiction for your business. We offer our clients specialized offers on the acquisition of a foreign company with a corporate bank account (or without it).

We also offer you:

  • Nominal service.
  • Accounting or legal management of a foreign company.
  • Registration of companies for all requirements of the legislation of your chosen country.
  • Creation of a full package of necessary documents, preparation of all necessary references and extracts.
  • Guaranteed purchase of companies that do not have problems with the law (debts, credit obligations, negative reputation in banks, etc.).

For more information, contact us at the contacts listed on the site.