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Services of an international advocate for extradition in Cyprus

Services of an international advocate for extradition in Cyprus
Extradition is the joint action of the special authorities of several countries to identify and extradite persons suspected of criminal offense to the applicant country. Some states with authoritarian regimes neglect international legal policy. Therefore, they require the extradition of their political opponents or successful, but disagreeable authorities of businessmen, in order to seize the property.

Such cases are sent to the special commission of Interpol, which can not physically examine with due diligence all requests. Because of this, every year about a thousand people fall into the “special” list of Interpol. And the organization’s actions can only be challenged in Interpol itself – the claims are not considered either by the national court or by the international tribunal.

Given this fact, some countries use this and submit incorrectly issued requests for the arrest of their citizens abroad, including in Cyprus. Even if, for some reason, extradition is not carried out, for the persecuted person this will result in difficulties and problems. In this regard, a number of sanctions have been developed for the misuse of the Interpol common base for political or personal purposes.

Extradition procedure in Cyprus
Cyprus legislation is modeled after the UK. The law prohibits the dissemination of information about a person living within the state, if he is not suspected of any crimes in Cyprus and was not convicted by the Cypriot court. The contradiction is that international law has an advantage over local authorities and laws. Cyprus as a country that is part of the EU, has concluded an agreement on the extradition of criminals, criminals and terrorists. But the country’s authorities issue criminal persons not to Interpol, but to the Cypriot court. If the court decides that the actions of a person are criminal, and this will be proved, then the extradition of the person is made to Interpol. The case law of Cyprus speaks of the almost complete impossibility of confirming the evidence base. And those offenses – economic or tax that are committed at home – can not be recognized as violations in the legal field of Cyprus.

In North Cyprus there is no extradition procedure at all. Since diplomatic relations are established only with Turkey, it is easy to obtain a residence permit, and the authority does not bother the origin of money. An obligatory condition in the country is an annual confirmation on the card account of at least 10 thousand EUR.

Services of an international lawyer for extradition of perpetrators
In the international practice on the extradition of offenders, there is a list of reasons why extradition can be recognized as unfounded. The work of our professional lawyers proves that violations of the extradition requirements were repeatedly found, the identification of which made it possible to achieve the abolition of extradition of the suspect. And because of the lack of qualified legal support, not all the persecuted received proper advice and protection. Our partners – lawyers have extensive experience in the practice of extradition cases. They will provide qualified advice, will warn the freezing of the suspect’s personal accounts, facilitate the registration of the necessary documents. If you are considering the possibility of forced emigration to Cyprus, then while still in the homeland, please contact our specialists to avoid extradition. Even if you are under arrest, you can still fix everything, until a decision is made on extradition.

Our partners – lawyers on extradition issues have a great experience and a successful reputation in solving such issues. We will provide legal assistance to citizens who are unreasonably in search in the territory of Cyprus or another European country for the purpose of illegal extradition to their homeland.