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Company management and administration services

Company management and administration services advocate cyprus cyworldwealth

Company management and administration services

We offer services for the management and administration of companies and maintenance of their daily activities, regardless of the size of the company. At the same time, we agree to act on behalf of our clients as trustees or candidates as requested.

Company management and administration services

Professional directors.

CYWORLDWEALTH offers company management services by providing professional directors to companies that want to take advantage of the Cyprus tax laws and have expert administrators who offer their services in carrying out the day to day business of the company. In this case, we can provide the company with corporate or individual directors.

Services for shareholders.

The Cyprus legal regime allows privacy and anonymity to be enjoyed by shareholders who do not wish to act as registered shareholders of the company.

CYWORLDWEALTH offers the services of nominee shareholders, while the actual ownership of the shares belongs to the beneficial owners. Our clients receive documentary evidence (“deed of trust”) regarding the beneficial ownership of their company, and we undertake to manage the portions for their benefit and to dispose or dispose of the shares as the owner wishes. Our company follows the principle of confidentiality, so we will not disclose the personal information of our clients without their consent under any circumstances unless this is required by the courts or as part of the investigation of certain specific types of criminal activity.

CYWORLDWEALTH can provide secretarial services to companies. The secretary maintains the statutory registers and records of the company in accordance with the standards established by the laws of Cyprus. The Secretary acts on behalf of the Board of Directors, prepares and submits all registration forms, permits, annual reports to the Registrar of Companies.

Legal address.

According to the law, every company must have a registered address. We can provide our client companies with a legal address in Cyprus if they do not have one.