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Corporate consulting

Corporate consulting

We provide the following corporate advice to clients:

  • Business reorganization;
  • We provide objective and effective advice on restructuring and bankruptcy for lenders, creditors, companies, and individuals.
  • The aim of the restructuring is to avoid bankruptcy.

Corporate consulting CYWORLD WEALTH Advocate cyprus

Investment and finance.

We will provide you with clear and effective advice according to your needs and circumstances. Our clients are very important to us, so you can take advantage of our individually designed strategies by contacting both personally and through your corporations. We are confident in our independent, personalized approach to provide you with investment advice and solutions.

Management consulting.

Management consulting services: the secret to solving complex problems. Having a challenging business challenge? Don’t worry – our management consulting services can help you. We provide experienced and knowledgeable teams of specialists led by partners to provide you with the personalized consulting service your business deserves. As we advise you on business strategy, recruiting, process improvement, or enterprise risk management, you can be confident that you will receive a service tailored to your organization. We have a dedicated and highly professional team of accountants with a personal approach and competence to resolve the most complex disputes and litigation. Also, we have a forensic expert team in Cyprus with a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide forensic investigation permission, from corporate law to family, expert forensic witness. We offer ongoing access to partners and are dedicated to bringing together the optimal combination of accounting experience, industry insight and personal attributes in a team that meets your unique challenges.

UCD auditors and UCD accountants

UCD Auditors are a leading provider of professional business services in Cyprus specializing in auditing, tax, accounting, and advisory services. Our goal is to meet the individual needs of our corporate and private clients, as well as provide results-oriented strategies and approaches to respond quickly and efficiently to changes in International Accounting, Auditing, Tax and Legal Standards. We strive to provide quality services with complete confidentiality. UCD accountants offer a variety of services such as accounting and auditing, management accounts preparation, VAT registration, preparation of quarterly VAT returns as well as administration of tax refunds and litigation with the tax authorities in Cyprus.

ITN Group

ITN Networks Ltd is an innovative Cypriot company specializing in the organization of information technology and services. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions using modern technologies for the competitiveness and efficiency of companies in today’s dynamic market.

We offer a range of solutions consisting of products and services.

We have partnerships with leading companies in the market and have the ability to work with a company of any size, we can provide the most advanced products and services. ITN Design is a Cypriot company that operates in the graphics, internet, and print sectors.