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Virtual office services

Virtual office services cyworld advocate cyprus

Virtual office services

Virtual Office – providing an efficient and professional office service simplifies the work of our clients. We will help you organize your office without wasting time. The virtual office is available in many jurisdictions including Cyprus and the UK.

Virtual office services

Telephone communications.

A local, single telephone line is provided for this purpose. On request, you are also provided with a qualified administrator to answer incoming phone calls on behalf of and on behalf of your company.

First, the administrator receives calls and messages that come to the Cyprus office, then forwards the messages to you. Any other method of answering phone calls may be provided according to your exact instructions. The voice mailbox is open after business hours and any messages I receive are immediately emailed.

Virtual office services


A local, single fax number for this purpose is provided and faxes are forwarded according to customer instructions, by fax or e-mail.

Virtual office services

Internet services.
For this service, please contact our member of staff to get the assistance you need. The company is provided with an individual domain name in .com or .com.cy or any other name. We also have the ability to register domain names in the British Winter Islands, Belize, Seychelles, and other jurisdictions regarding your request.
Email addresses.
Unlimited email addresses for use by the client company in the company domain. All of these services are provided and maintained by ITN NETWORKS. Email administration services, receiving and processing email on behalf of the company.
Internet Site – our team can develop an Internet site according to the wishes of the client company, ranging from an informative site to a specific corporate version.
Server services.
ITN NETWORKS provides dedicated server services with a choice of hardware and software with the support of our specialists. Information storage is carried out using advanced software and under the constant control of the support service.

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