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Swiss company with financial license

Swiss company with financial license

Difficult economic situation, high level of corruption, ineffective legislation – all these reasons are the main factors that incline many entrepreneurs to look for new ways to develop their business. And one of the most effective ways to get out of this situation is to open a company in a jurisdiction with favorable conditions. One of these jurisdictions is Switzerland.

Why choose Switzerland?

  • Profitable taxation of companies owned by non-residents.
  • Strong, steadily growing economy.
  • The highest level of development of the banking sector.
  • Stable, stable national currency.
  • High quality of life.
  • High level of welfare of local citizens.
  • Complete absence of a corruption component.
  • Effective legislation.
  • When opening a company in Switzerland, you can quickly and easily open an account at a local bank.
  • Ability to obtain a residence permit for 90 days (for all family members).

Our company’s specialists will help you quickly register a company in Switzerland and go through all the accompanying bureaucratic procedures (for example, obtaining a financial license, etc.). We will quickly prepare all the necessary documents for registration, as well as provide full information support and support at all stages of company registration.

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