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Trademark in Great Britain

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Trademark in Great Britain

UK Trademark Law protects the use of trademarks in the UK. In the business world, a trademark gives a product or organization an identity that its competitors cannot imitate.

What are the benefits of registering a trademark in the UK?

  1. A registered trademark gives you the exclusive legal ownership of your brand in your chosen market.
  2. Registration of a trademark gives a 10-year legal monopoly with the possibility of indefinite renewal.
  3. You can take legal action to prevent someone else from using your registered trademark for similar goods and services.
  4. You can prevent other people from hijacking your web traffic by listing your name in the URL of similar products.
  5. Registering a trademark gives you the confidence that you will not infringe on anyone else’s registered rights.
  6. You will build a positive reputation for your business on a solid legal foundation of brand ownership.
  7. Registering a trademark means that competitors, former employees, or business partners cannot demand a ransom from you.
  8. If you get a registered trademark, you can expand your business by allowing licensees, agents, and others to use it.
  9. Trademark registration makes it easy to demonstrate ownership of your brand to buyers and investors.
  10. You can extend your trademark rights internationally with the European CTM or the Madrid Protocol application.
  11. A registered trademark will prevent others from using your trademark or similar mark without permission.
  12. Registering a trademark helps trade standards officers or police officers to file charges against counterfeiters.
  13. It is a valuable asset that can be sold or transferred by issuing a license to other parties of your choice.

Do you need trademark registration?

You don’t need to register a trademark to use it. You can use an unregistered mark to promote your products and services. However, if you do not register your trademark, other businesses may use it or register so that you cannot use it later.
Registering your trademark can help you obtain the exclusive rights to use, license, franchise, or sell your mark.

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